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The Story of Japanese Welted Shoes

[The Story of Japanese Welted Shoes]
~Trading Post Selected Shoe Shop~


Trading Post Selected Shoe Shop was established 1984 in Tokyo.

We have many finest classic dress shoes made by “Goodyear-welted” method.

This method, originated from hand-makers gives the shoes an exceptional of strength, durability and comfort to wear.

We have high-quality dress shoes manufacturer from over the world, such as “Carmina”, “Crockett & Jones”, “Gaziano Girling”, “Tricker’s” and more…


Recently, we’re making dress shoes for store original with “Goodyear-welted” method that made in Japan.

The Trading Post original dress shoes have the Japanese craftsmanship that also excels compare with finest shoes of the world!




~”CENTRAL SHOES COMPANY” Asakusa Tokyo Japan~

Founded 1950 in Asakusa Tokyo at the heart of Japanese shoemaking region, CENTRAL SHOES have specialized in making Goodyear-welted shoes for more than 65 years.

CENTRAL SHOES COMPANY  is making shoes for Trading Post more than 30 years.


It features the mechanical Goodyear process, but also adopted handwork for the important part of production by artificer.

Most important process of shoe making called “Lasting”.
It calls “TURIKOMI” in Japanese!

It is the moment of the leather become to shoes, from flat to solid.

Latest lasting machine perform very short time to manufacture, but Central Shoes Company use special hand tool called “WANI” and old lasting machine to make shoes perfectly with complicated shape of Last.


CENTRAL SHOES COMPANY makes shoes for beautiful line, long lasting shape and excellent fit.

“TP1984”, flag ship model of Trading Post original shoes made by skillful craftsman.


Finest BOX calfskin from Europe brings flexible fit and beautiful gloss.


Oxford shoes that took all the best technique of CENTRAL SHOES COMPANY.

The seamless back by excellent lasting technique.


Shoes lover desired the narrow waist!


Model “TP1984” is the result of best of CENTRAL SHOES COMPANY and Trading Post!


75.600 jpy

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